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Sonic is part of the William Demant Holding (WDH) Group, specialising in hearing health care. Sonic is a global hearing aid manufacturer of the highest technological standard. Sonic is proud that its worldwide success has been based on revolutionary sound processing, superior product quality, professionalism and impeccable customer service.
In Australia, Sonic is also known as one of the largest, most versatile distributors of audiological equipment. Sonic is offering a complete range of clinical solutions on all audiological levels – a one stop shop for any audiological needs! Sonic is the sole importer and exclusive distributor of some of the most popular and reputed diagnostic equipment manufacturers from all over the world.

Our team is dedicated to serving our customers’ to obtain the best clinical outcome.

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If you are looking for anything to do with Ears and Hearing, Sonic has a solution. Sonic, your one stop-shop for all your audiological needs.

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